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Our service to recharge VoIP, buying credits for your voip traffic provides you with the cheapest international calling rates available!

Another incredible feature is that you can talk for FREE with other users.

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The main advantage of the Voice over IP? Definitely cost restraints. Recharge VoIP with our MainVoip and let your company quarters communicate with no cost and make external phone calls at affordable prices.

The broadband Internet connection provided by Mainsoft ensures a quality higher than the traditional telephone technology.

Our service to Recharge VoIP uses open standards that ease the integration with every telephone device.

Cost Report and Traffic Detail

The users of our service to recharge voip can control the telephone traffic by dialing the toll free number 8800 from their telephone or on the web in the dedicated area.

Prices and Destinations
italy 0.0120 /min
argentina 0.0574 /min
australia 0.0215 /min
austria 0.0408 /min
belgium 0.0298 /min
canada 0.0103 /min
czech rep 0.0262 /min
denmark 0.0148 /min
estonia 0.0228 /min
france 0.0607 /min
germany 0.0141 /min
hong kong 0.0179 /min
hungary 0.0155 /min
ireland 0.0126 /min
korea south 0.0196 /min
luxembourg 0.0228 /min
malaysia 0.0152 /min
monaco 0.0398 /min
netherlands 0.0191 /min
new zealand 0.0203 /min
norway 0.0230 /min
poland 0.0158 /min
portugal 0.0185 /min
russia moscow 0.0168 /min
spain 0.0170 /min
sweden 0.0119 /min
switzerland 0.0175 /min
uk 0.0170 /min
usa 0.0256 /min

Compare Voip Rates
  Italy phone number Italy mobile number
Duration: 3 minutes MainVoip Skype MainVoip Skype
Voip quality Platinum Standard Platinum Standard
Connection fee 0,0000 0,0490 0,0000 0,0890
Euro per minute 0,0120 0,0190 0,1500 0,2500
Monthly subscription fee NONE NONE NONE NONE
Total (excluding VAT) 0,0360 0,1060 0,4500 0,8390
Saving -66,03% -46,36%
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